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Common Questions

How will this benefit students?

The individualized time provided targets specific learning needs such as intervention, remediation, enrichment, or challenge opportunities.

What if the student is doing well in all his/her classes?

Students will be able to sign up for enrichment labs which are designed to challenge, expand, support, and enrich student learning. There will also be opportunities for students to make up class work and tests.

What if the student is struggling in multiple classes?

Students will be assigned to a specific lab on a specific day which includes reteaching and additional instruction to address needs. Students also have the ability to sign up for help labs when they have not been assigned by a teacher.

How and when do students sign up for labs?

The registration link is accessed through the Pitman High School website under the Pride Time tab. The window to sign up for labs opens Friday at 8 am.

What if we don’t have internet at home?

Computer access will be provided for students before, during, and after the school day in the library and campus computer stations along with chrome books located in most classrooms.

Is Pride Time going to be a graded class?

Pride Time is designed to support your child’s academic and behavioral success at Pitman. There is no grade assigned to the Pride Time period, but their active participation during this time will help support their success in graded classes.